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About Us

Years of experience in technical translation.

We have been collaborating with experienced, professional native speakers in various fields of technology since 1991, primarily focusing on IT, automation, electrical engineering & electronics, automotive technology, robotics, production engineering, environmental engineering, medical technology, pharmaceuticals and enhibition stand construction.

For more than 30 years, we have been privileged to produce translations for many prestigious clients, including (in alphabetical order) ABB, AEG, Asuso, BMW, Bose, Bumat, Concorde, debis Systemhaus, Delta Dore, designaffairs, Deutsche Flugsicherung, Diagramm Halbach, Freudenberg, Martin Bauer, Motorola, PhytoLab, Siemens, Syscon, Technomen, and T-Systems, as well as many other companies on behalf of numerous translation and advertising agencies. In our capacity as interpreters, we have been fortunate to work with numerous companies and institutions, including the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Core competencies

The documents entrusted to us relate to a vast range of different subjects, which cover a broad spectrum.
Here are just a few examples:


Requirements specifications

Performance specifications

Process specifications

Quality specifications

Test specifications

Management manuals

Quality management

Environmental management

Energy management

Crisis management

Health, safety & environmental protection

Medical & pharmaceutical documentation

Clinical studies

Marketing authorisation /
registration documentation

Stability studies

Standard operating procedures

Medical qualifications
(GMC registration)

User documentations

User guides / manuals

Operating instructions




Brochures / pamphlets / flyers

Technical papers


Bidding procedures

Tender invitations



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